Partner in Sustainability

The success of sustainable development nowadays believed to be depending more closely on synergies between three development partners: government, business sector and civil society.

Due to the changing roles of each partners and the increasing interdependence among each other, the role of partnerships in development has become our major concern today. A strategic partner in this changing scene is the civil society sector. The role of civil society in sustainable development will continue to increase significantly. The meaningful, long-term, and sustainable development requires the full engagement of civil society sector.

The need for a strong role of the civil society sector is a new angle in the constellation of partnership for sustainable development. Strengthening the pillars of civil society in the long term will require the full support of the public and private sector.

The balance of the positions, role and powers of each sector will be able to enlarge the intersection of synergies between the three partners of development; and determine how far the success of sustainable development efforts can be collectively achieved.

Penabulu Foundation

Civil Society Resource Organization

Resource mobilization, channeling and implementation scheme for Indonesia civil society organizations are addressed to the following issues: economic development, sustainable market, public-private partnership, forestry and environment, village development, public health, public finance accountability, institutional building, ICT and knowledge management.

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Penabulu Alliance

Strengthening Indonesia Civil Society

Strategic alliance to strengthen capacity of civil society organizations in Indonesia on aspects of program planning-monitoring-evaluation, financial accountability, human resources development, maximizing utilization of information and communications technology, knowledge management, social-business development and resources mobilization.

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